Access Driving – Quality Driving Instruction

All lessons are designed to cater for you, whether you have previous driving experience or none at all, whether you have full co-ordination or this co-ordination is absent it is not a problem – your instructor will be extremely competent. If you have a nervous nature - don’t worry your instructor will be very patient and understanding.

Refresher Courses are adapted to give you the confidence in facing whatever area you may want to improve.
Our Motorway Lessons are normally three hours duration and will include light refreshments and a debriefing about half way through the session.

There is no substitute for experience, but good professional instruction can accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the new driver. Learning by experience is not the ideal method when the consequences of error can be very serious.

Square deal from Access Driving Services

Access operates a ‘square deal’ policy by guaranteeing the price quoted at the start of your course will not be increased at any time, even if it takes several years!

This ‘square deal’ policy is guaranteed unless you are off our books for 12 consecutive weeks, after which you will be billed at the current prices.

Free advice on any motoring matter is available, even if you are having lessons elsewhere.

We give no guarantees that you will pass your driving test however, we do guarantee that if you drive the way you have been taught, you will pass.